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Awards were given in Sanat Atıkları Competition

Sanat Atıkları Competition took place in Malatya and Istanbul via Zoom connection, 28 March 2024.

Our aim in the competition we held to draw attention to March 30 International Zero Waste Day;
to reuse our waste by creating environmental awareness, to draw attention to sustainable environmental themes
and to evaluate all our waste in order to leave a livable world.

According to the competition results,

For Istanbul;

  1. Cemile Caniklioğlu (chandelier),
  2. Gökçe Yıldız (raincoat) and
  3. Nermin Kum (vase).

For Malatya Fetih Tekstil Factories;

  1. Remziye Çırpıcı (figurine)
  2. Hakan Özturgut (chandelier) and
  3. Tuba Batu (wall painting).

We would like to thank all our colleagues who participated in the competition for their efforts.