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Since its establishment, FETİH TEKSTİL has aimed to set an example for its employees, customers, suppliers, and to raise awareness by reflecting this vision to every level, all while maintaining its environmentally and socially sensitive production structure.  As a textile manufacturing company, we have embraced a sustainable business model in the long term, thanks to the contributions of our supply chain to stakeholders, particularly our employees.

We aim to become the preferred business partner of our customers by a customer-oriented approach. With this approach, we are rapidly transforming our company into one that excels in high-volume production, offers an excellent customer experience, and provides sustainable services. To support our customers, we continually invest in enhancing our commercial and technological competencies. Besides we are progressively improving our digital access infrastructure day by day to foster mutual growth with our customers.

Using dynamic business models that respond to changing market conditions, we are successfully advancing our business and achieving our goals on the international stage. In addition, assuming responsibility at every stage of our business constitutes one of the most critical elements contributing to this success.

Our objective is to be an industry pioneer by ensuring maximum customer satisfaction through the innovative initiatives developed in our R&D and Design Center.

We are commited to supporting our customers’ sustainability policies with environmentally friendly production, fully organic production stages, and organic and recycled products.

İhsan Kısacık


General Manager