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We aspire to be a pioneering and unique global brand, known for our entrepreneurial, innovative, and respected identity in the textile industry, and to become the solution partner for leading fashion brands.


-Highest customer, supplier and employee satisfaction.

-Contributing to the country’s development by providing employment in the textile sector.

-Meeting customer expectations in a timely manner through a flexible production approach.

-Continously encouraging our employees and stakeholders for more innovation, development, and success, with the help of Fetih Tekstil Academy.

-Implementing sustainable and innovative practices that keep up with digital transformation.

Our Values

As a reliable solution partner, we act towards our stakeholders on the basis of ethical values. Simultaneously, we maintain a commitment to fairness, impartiality and honesty.

We are eager to learn more and develop ourselves.

 We respect different cultural, ethnic, national and spiritual values.

We collaborate with the awareness that we, along with our colleagues, are a strong team.

We respect environment, nature and human health.

 Our decision-making processes and practices are rooted scientific methods based on data analysis.

We believe in the importance of flexible and innovative working based on sustainability principles.

We are aware of our social responsibilities and we help those in need without expecting anything in return.

We contribute to social responsibilities projects.


-We constantly evaluate the current situation, identify problems, investigate and implement solutions. We re-assess the process and ensure its continuity.

-We are always willing to learn and improve ourselves and our team towards achieving personal and professional goals.

-We accept different perspectives and work in harmony as a team for effective solutions

-We evaluate the steps together with all our relevant co-workers in all our decision-making processes and daily work, and as a team, we move towards our goals in an honest and sincere manner.

-We exceed our goals without giving up with determination and courage.

-We make every effort to overcome the difficulties.

-We respect all different cultural, ethnic, national and spiritual values.

-We meticulously follow the importance of meeting the development needs of all our colleagues and providing the necessary environment for them to reflect their potential on the field at the highest level.

-We see, feel and discover the facts firsthand in order to find and achieve the best solutions.

-We all know very well that we cannot reach the truth without getting our hands dirty.