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Our Human Resources policy is designed to employ individuals who are professionally competent, aligned with our corporate values, keeping pace with the changes, at peace with themselves and with others, versatile, eager to develop themselves, motivated, enthusiastic, and curious. We aim to provide them with the necessary resources and a conductive workplace, ensuring their happiness, efficiency and creativity.
  • To place the right person in the right position according to their qualifications and needs,
  • To provide an environment of continuous education and self-development,
  • To plan the careers of the individuals and needs of the organization correctly,
  • To implement practices for employee motivation to create a better working environment,
  • To create an exemplary cooperation with our highly motivated profitable works.

We believe in providing equal working opportunities regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs, and physical condition.


This principle applies to all stages of our business life, from job advertisements to recruitment and placement, from promotion to status change in our group, from various practices related to employees to training options. As Fetih Tekstil, we act with a Human Resources Management narrative that is guided by our values that aligns with our vision.